Standard Scaffold Gaurd Rail 5ft or 7ft
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Guidelines for the assembly and use of our Standard Scaffold
(Please consult all applicable regulations and codes for your jobsite)

  • Braces must be used on each side between every pair of frames.
  • Horizontal Braces must be used to hold the scaffold square, starting on the ground, then on every third tier.
  • Aluminum Platforms must completely cover every level that work is being performed on. 3 platforms cover 1 section. When used outside, wind hooks must be used to secure the platforms to the frames.
  • Gravity Locks must be used to hold together all frame, castors, base plates, and safety posts.
  • When scaffold is over 7' height, Guardrails must be used on every level where people are working. Guardrail Post must be used to support the guardrails on the top level of scaffold.
  • A ladder must be used to access the scaffold, when over 7' high.
  • The ratio of height to LEAST lateral dimension must not exceed 3 to 1 unless the scaffold is:
    • Tied to a structure (securely - not allowing movement inwards or outwards from the building)
    • Equipped with Outrigger stabilizers to maintain the ratio of 3 to 1 (outriggers must be installed on both sides in a freestanding tower
  • The bottom of scaffold must have a Castor, a Base Plate or a Screw Jack
  • Castors may only be used on level floors. Never move a scaffold with someone on it.
  • Screw Jacks are used to level scaffold.
  • Base Plates and Screw Jacks must be nailed to mudsills. Each mudsill must be continuous and run under 2 consecutive supports, and should project at least 1 foot past each support.
  • Side Brackets provide a work platform outside the scaffold on the side of the scaffold facing a wall. A gap greater than 6" should not be left between the Platform and the wall. They should be used for a worker only, not as material storage, and should be used on the ladder side of the frames only. Side brackets are 1 Aluminum Platform Wide

These are guidelines only. It is your responsibility to follow all Ontario Regulations and Codes

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