Renting... The Smart Way To Get Things Done: Reason #1

No maintenance or breakdown costs:

Daily rental fees include full maintenance. No spare parts, no repair shop, no mechanics, are needed. These things add significantly to the purchase price of equipment. And let's face it, almost every piece of equipment breaks down occasionally. When rented equipment breaks down, we replace it at no cost to you, saving you the cost of lost timewhile you wait for repairs.

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Ingersoll Rent-All is the leading independent supplier of rental equipment and contractor supplies in Oxford County. From our headquarters in Ingersoll, Ontario we proudly serve the residents, contractors, landscapers, municipalities, farmers, and factories of Ingersoll, Woodstock, Tillsonburg, Dorchester, Thamesford, Tavistock and everywhere in between.

Canadian Owned and 100% Independent, we have been serving our community since 1986 with competitively priced, well maintained, quality late model rental equipment and professional grade tools & accessories.

We truly have Everything... and what you might need!

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